What is Freshman Class Council?

Freshman Class Council is a program run by ASGCU, GCU’s Student Government, that provides members of the freshman class the opportunity to get involved with student leadership. Members of the FCC will participate in weekly meetings with their directors that will focus on learning about different aspects and styles of leadership and professionalism. During their time as members of FCC, freshmen will build relationships with student leaders who will help mentor them. They will also gain hands-on experience planning events and representing the freshman class.

Why should I join Freshman Class Council?

Kickstart your college experience by joining the Freshman Class Council:

  • Get involved in the GCU community. Joining FCC is a great way to build a strong group of friends during your first year of college.
  • Gain valuable leadership experience. FCC is the only opportunity for freshmen to take on leadership roles on GCU’s campus.
  • Represent the freshman class. Members of FCC have the opportunity to plan campus-wide events and initiatives.
  • Connect with student leaders. FCC members receive one-on-one mentorship from ASGCU team members.

Don’t wait! Applications close on September 9th.

How will Freshman Class Council help me succeed?

Freshman Class Council provides GCU freshmen with the college opportunity of a lifetime. Read about Creed Kersh, ASGCU Content Coordinator thrived during his freshman year after joining FCC.

“Hi my name is Creed. I had the amazing opportunity to serve on ASGCU’s Freshman Class Council for the 2021-2022 school year. As a freshman coming into GCU I was excited to create community and ‘find my purpose’ out here in Lopeland. The opportunities presented to me on FCC helped me do just that. Throughout the year I got to build and grow relationships with the finest student leaders on campus and be more involved in my own freshman class than I ever could have dreamed of. The FCC team got to plan amazing events, help advocate for freshman vote and opinions and lead out during ASGCU election week. On FCC I got to develop networking skills and relationships both within the ASGCU organization and with other student leadership organizations across GCU and the surrounding phoenix area. Getting to be apart of the only student leadership position for freshman on campus presented me with opportunities for future positions and pathways to service in different corners of GCU. The ASGCU team is a very tight knit community with fun weekly meetings with FCC, monthly meetings with the whole organization and even monthly one on one meetings with a director! I would most definitely recommend any student to apply for the team! You never know what could happen and you could end up working with some of the coolest people on campus. Lopes up.”

Following his experience on FCC, Creed applied to join ASGCU for his sophomore year and earned a position as our Content Coordinator on the ASGCU Marketing Team. Creed is responsible for managing ASGCU’s social media accounts.

Another Freshman Class Council member from the 21-22 school year, Jagaar Halverson, earned a spot on ASGCU’s Executive Leadership team as the ASGCU Chief of Staff. Over half of ASGCU’s executive team started their leadership journey at GCU on Freshman Class Council.

Apply to join FCC today. Applications close on September 9th.

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