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Student Resources & News

Below are resources and announcements from ASGCU to help you live a healthier, happier, and more sustainable lifestyle on GCU’s campus. It also includes access to resources for first-generation college students and freshmen.

Freshman Class Council

Why join Freshman Class Council?

What is Freshman Class Council? Freshman Class Council is a program run by ASGCU, GCU's Student Government, that provides members of the freshman class the opportunity to get involved with student leadership. Members of the FCC will participate in weekly meetings...

Student Health

Evidence-Based Strategies for Dealing with Anxiety

Below is a list of short-term, evidence-based strategies to help deal with episodes of anxiety. Beyond these strategies, it is crucial to educate yourself on exaggerated or irrational thought patterns that trigger your anxiety feelings. It is also beneficial to...

WERE HERE To serve you

In line with the mission of the university, ASGCU strives to represent and serve the student body in their pursuit of academic success, personal excellence, and spirituality. ASGCU is a multi-faceted, but cohesive team that is strategically built to help reach each student in a meaningful way. From the executive team headed by President Camden Marasco and Vice President Tyson Cantrell to every team member within the organization we are all committed to serving you.



Our goal is to advance initiatives that will put student needs first.

  • This year we will focus on minimizing wait times for on-campus dining and events while maximizing attendance and student engagement.
  • ASGCU will also prioritize sustainable practices and increase recycling across GCU’s campus by 20%.
  • ASGCU will also be relaunching the GCU campus garden behind the Agave Apartments. Last year, current President Camden Marasco helped clean up and revitalize the garden while serving as ASGCU’s Sustainability Director.


Our goal is to amplify students need for a safe where they can feel safe.

  • As GCU’s campus continues to grow and thrive, the safety of our campus continues to be a top priority for university leadership and student government.
  • This year ASGCU will work with GCU’s Police & Public Safety Department to add additional gates, guard stations, and campus lighting to secure East Campus.
  • For a long time, GCU’s roads have been covered in potholes. In keeping their campaign promises, President Marasco and Vice President Cantrell filled potholes across campus.
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      Our goal is to advocate for the needs of students from all walks of life.

      • In addition to residence halls, ASGCU senators will now represent each of GCU’s nine colleges to university administrations to meet the needs of more students.
      • GCU’s campus has a quickly growing population of first-generation college students, so ASGCU has a new team focused on providing resources and events to help first-gen students.
      • Finally, ASGCU has worked with GCU’s Office of Student Care to help shorten wait times for mental health care services and keep students happy and healthy on campus.

            ASGCU Senate

            No matter who you are, what you believe, what you’re studying, where you live, on or off campus, the ASGCU Senate is here to represent students like you.

            The ASGCU Senate is a student-run organization responsible for collectively representing and advocating for the 25,000+ traditional on-campus university students. The senate represents student opinion, engages with university administration on policy matters, and initiates new programs and services based on student need.

            There are 10 ASGCU Senators that represent specific dorms and apartments on campus, as well as commuters, and first-generation college students. The senators visit each of the locations they represent on a weekly basis and engage with students to bring their opinions directly to senate meetings. For more info on the ASGCU Senate, Senate Meetings, or to find your ASGCU Senator click the button below.


            Get connected with ASGCU. There are so many great ways to get connected with your student government. Visit our office in Building 26 Room 106 any weekday from 8am until 5pm. Send us an email at [email protected] or connect with us on Instagram @asgcu or TikTok at @asgcu49. 

            If you have a great idea, comment, or concern connect with your ASGCU Senator or attend one of our biweekly public senate meetings.

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            Visit our office in the Student Life Building (Bldg 26) in Room 106.


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              Send an email to ASGCU at [email protected] or connect with your ASGCU Senator.


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